MS Mathematics

Mathematic instruction in the higher grade levels builds upon the hands-on approach of the K through 3rd program. The focus shifts to more abstract concepts and problem solving. Major concepts are presented and practiced as easily understood sub-skills; they are practiced and reviewed throughout the year. Class time is focused on providing opportunities for students to work productively on problems, receiving support as appropriate. At times, it becomes evident that focusing on one concept at a time is more beneficial for some students. Adaptations, different methods of instruction, and alternate programs are then incorporated based on each student’s level of need. The JUMP math curriculum continues through grade 8, becoming more complex and abstract as topics are mastered. The JUMP math curriculum encourages mastery through discovery and critical thinking allowing students to develop deeper level thinking and build confidence.

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The difference is clear

Our son learned the valuable skills of teamwork, patience and perseverance during his time at Centreville Layton as well as the academic strategies to move forward into a typical high school setting. Centreville Layton strikes a great balance of family-like warmth and discipline in a beautiful country setting.

Jan B.
Former Parent

This past year has been completely transformational for our daughter and her positive strides have been noticeable both at home and at school. She is growing into the best version of herself and her teachers at CLS have played a significant role in her progress.

Michelle L.
Middle School parent

This year, I’ve learned to understand that acceptance is greatly appreciated but difficult to find. Compared to where I came from, CLS houses some of the most accepting people that I’ve ever met. I am thankful for every little act of kindness shown towards me or even towards another student. They have not gone unnoticed.


We’re prepared for this because we’ve learned how to work hard, solve problems, be independent, happy, responsible and kind to all.


The support from my teachers taught me not just reading and writing, but to embrace who I am, to learn from my mistakes and grow because of them.