Performing Arts

Centreville Layton offers all students from Pre-K through Upper School the opportunity to develop Performing Arts skills which will enhance and reinforce their participation in communal, creative “play”. Essential cognitive and self-regulatory functions such as attentive listening, timing, and planning, are reinforced with structured activities in music and drama. Both music and drama are used as platforms for students to express themselves, develop creative focus, and to communicate using the language of the arts.

Students explore performance traditions from other cultures, as well as their own, while being given many opportunities to invent their own synthesized forms of expression.  Students  develop the basic vocabulary for music and drama literacy through percussion, as well as exploring many other instruments, acting games, and public speaking games.  Emphasis is given to independent group learning with structured creative “workshops”, exploring natural talents, trying new and challenging things, and utilizing synesthesia between the senses, visual, auditory and emotional, to help catapult a student’s imagination.  We encourage honest, bold, creative, cooperative exploration.   Sharing creativity in peer-performance helps students associate expression, creativity and honesty as being essential elements to the development of social and artistic awareness.

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