Speech & Language Therapy

The role of the speech-language therapy program at Centreville Layton School is to provide remediation and support for those students who require and/or benefit from speech and language services. Speech therapy activities target areas requiring improvement in articulation, pragmatics (social skills), auditory memory, auditory processing, receptive language (understanding), expressive language (both spoken and written), vocabulary, speech fluency, phonological processing and awareness, and higher order thinking and problem-solving skills.

The mission of the speech-language therapy program is to ensure that students reach their full potential for learning and performing in the classroom and school environment. The speech-language pathologist performs a screening of all new students to determine if a full, comprehensive speech-language evaluation and/or treatment is warranted. Services may include pull out therapy, consultation, classroom integration, and collaboration with teachers and staff. The speech therapist collaborates with the educational team to provide students with accommodations for their difficulties with language and processing. The speech/language pathologist uses appropriate remedial, research-based materials during all treatment sessions. The frequency and delivery of services is based on the unique needs of each student. When speech and language skills are addressed, the student’s academic performance can be substantially improved.

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