Occupational Therapy

OT -Lower SchoolAt Centreville Layton School, occupational therapy (OT) is provided to those students who are experiencing difficulty with some kind of motor coordination or sensory processing.  In-coordination might be seen during fine motor tasks such as writing, drawing or dressing activities.  Gross motor in-coordination might be noted during ball activities, clumsiness on the playground or in physical education.  Some children may be experiencing sensory processing issues that may need therapy support during the child’s school day.20120911-IMG_1854

An occupational therapy evaluation is arranged upon admission as it is helpful to get to know the student’s strengths and weaknesses. If the evaluation shows the child has some areas of weakness in gross motor, fine motor, handwriting, visual perceptual, or sensory processing areas, he or she may receive OT.  Therapy is given as part of the school program and is usually provided in small groups of three or four students in the mini-gym or as part of the therapy program in the classroom.  Written progress reports are given to the parents at midyear and end of the year.

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