“Centreville [Layton] changed my son’s life. He was so far behind in so many areas we didn’t know where to turn. In Nick’s two years at Centreville [Layton] he grew from a shy little boy who could hardly speak a complete sentence to a confident, happy, young man. He has now successfully transitioned to public school not requiring any special resources. He is flourishing and loves school. I honestly attribute all of his success to the wonderful, caring team of educators at Centreville [Layton]. They changed the trajectory of his entire life.” -Brian L.

“I am so thankful for Centreville[Layton]! I really believe that Stephen would not be where he is today had he not attended Centreville for 6 years. It was the best investment we could have made in his future. He has graduated from Coastal Carolina University with s Bachelors degree in Marine Science. He is working full-time in his field. Thank you to everyone at Centreville [Layton] who had a part in his path to success!” ~Kim W.

“I enrolled my son in the Lower School after his experience in the beginning of 2nd grade. No child of that age should hate school. Centreville [Layton] was a fabulous experience for him and taught him strategies to deal with his focus issues, get him back on track and generally improve his self-esteem, which had taken a severe hit in his previous school. After a few years, he went back to public school and is now in honors classes and doing great, all while enjoying the learning process. I don’t think he would be in the same position without Centreville[Layton]. Thank you!” ~Debbie B.

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