‘Tis the Sea-Sun to Stay Ahead of the Tide

‘Tis the Sea-Sun to Stay Ahead of the Tide

Ways to Avoid the Academic  Summer-Slide


The weather is heating up, pools are filling up, and with that, so are your summer calendars. As parents, you are likely thinking about trips to Bethany Beach, renewing pool passes and the onset of a much more relaxed daily schedule. But what may be far from your mind is how those long months affect your child’s learning. With the gap between structured education during those summer months, many students experience loss of momentum and learning regression. Luckily there are ways to avoid this “summer slide”. Here are the top five ways to stay ahead of the game:

  1. Read to your child, and have your child read to you. Expose him or her to nonfiction news articles and magazines. Give your child an escape into fiction by introducing a new series like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, or Magic Tree House. This way your child will be left wanting more at the end of each book.
  2. Integrate math into your child’s day in practical and fun ways. Find new ways to expose him or her to math. Have your child help with baking by following the recipe for measuring. Include him or her in a small budget project like grocery shopping.
  3. Set Goals. Put your child in charge and encourage them to set realistic goals for themselves. Have your child chart his or her reading times and reward your child when he or she finishes a book.
  4. Make it fun! Make the learning process fun! Offer rewards, special outings, set up social interactions with friends, and go on field trips. Take a brain break and go swimming!
  5. Enroll in a quality summer program designed to continue your child’s forward momentum.  Choose a program that encourages academics, critical thinking, socialization,  as well as offers recreational activities.

Centreville Layton School’s summer program was designed with these five points in mind. The Prek-8th grade five-week program consists of a morning session focused on academics and critical thinking and an optional afternoon program full of recreational activities including swimming, crafts, games, and social events.  We also offer hybrid courses for students in grades 7th-12th to address specific student and course needs and to accommodate their busy schedules. The hybrid courses include two days on campus (face-to-face) with an instructor with course work to be completed electronically between meeting days.   Instructors are available between meeting days via video conferencing.  

To learn more about Centreville Layton School’s summer program, please visit: centrevillelayton.org


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