Continuous Learning Parent Resource

Dear CLS Families,

It goes without saying we are in unprecedented times both as a country and as a school.  While we have been busy over the past few weeks planning how distance learning will work for our students, this is not something our teachers, students, or parents ever thought we’d be doing. Our distance teaching-learning program will be delivered in a variety of ways depending on each teacher.  The general guidelines are outlined below. In addition to continuing with class/course work, our goals as teachers during this time are to provide structure and a school routine, as well as opportunities for engagement with teachers and classmates.

Per guidelines below, we do not expect your children to be in front of their computer screen or working on assigned work ALL day.  During breaks we encourage your child to read, you to read with them, and you to read to them. Audio books and Podcasts are a great resource and provide an opportunity to listen together, which can also lead to great conversations.  NOTE: Any experience and/or exposure counts as learning – whether your child is learning about family history, or learning to bake, sew, knit, paint, or, if you’re in my house, learning to fix a lamp, build a table, caulk a tub, or install a shelf, it’s all learning and it all counts.

As we work our way through the coming weeks please communicate with your child’s teachers.  Let them know what is working. Communicate with Dr. Dostillio. He will be setting up varied ways to touch base for social and emotional needs.  Above all stay healthy and happy. I wish you all peace, health and plenty of happy moments.

Thank you,
Rich Taubar

Timeline of Implementation:

  • March, 26th-29th
    • Take some time with your child to familiarize yourselves with the following apps and resources.  These (aside from Learning Ally and Educate) can be accessed by having your child log into their Chromebooks or Google on a browser window and clicking on the arrangement of nine boxes in the upper right hand corner.
      • Google Mail
      • Google Meet
      • Google Chat
      • Google Classroom
      • Learning Ally
      • TADS Educate – 
        • Review your child’s course schedule.  It may be helpful to print out the schedule or write it down.  Google Meet video classes will take place during the time each course is scheduled.
  • Monday, March 30th 
    • Staff Meetings and Training
  • Tuesday, March 31st 
    • Teachers will communicate their plans and expectations.
    • Homeroom teachers and Mentors will set up practice Google Meets. 
      • Be sure to check your child’s Google Calendar for meeting times and links.
  • Wednesday, April 1st
    • Distance learning  begins for core academics.
  • Monday April 6th 
    • Distance learning and available resources begin for elective classes.

General Guidelines

  • Discuss with your child proper use of the Chromebook and the internet.  CLS is unable to monitor all activity from the Chromebooks when not on our campus  Therefore we encourage parents to be aware of what your child is searching on the internet, who they are connecting with via video and chat, and what type of messages are being sent between students.  If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Mr. Taubar.
  • Prepare a workspace for your child. 
  • Make sure their Chromebook is functioning properly and your child remembers how to login.
  • Familiarize yourself and your child with the related apps and resources listed above.
  • Contact Mr. Taubar with any questions.
  • Once distance learning begins be sure to communicate with your child’s teacher regarding course specific questions.
  • I have seen many parents post videos of their child’s first day of distance learning on Facebook.  These are great keepsakes, but we ask that you refrain from videoing the computer screen if it has other students’ images at the time.  


  • Teachers will be sending an initial communication detailing where to find course materials and when to meet online.
  • Teachers will offer an interactive method of contact each day for each class.
    • Google Meet will be widely used and will take place during each class’ regularly scheduled time  
      • Check google calendar for scheduled Google Meet classes
    • The length of the these video classrooms will vary based on necessity
  • Teachers will be available to answer questions beyond scheduled contacts, however, please be patient as they will need time to get back to you.
  • Check Educate for up to date information regarding grades and assignments.
  • This is a time for teachers to explore new and creative avenues for education.  There will be bumps along the way and thank you in advance for your patience
  • Each student should work up to 30 minutes per day per class.  Or a total of about 2 – 2.5 hours per week for each class.

Social Emotional

Dr. Dostillio is committed to supporting you and your child during this time.  He will be offering options for Google Meet video chats, email communications, and Google Chat communications.  Please look for an initial communication via email (on Monday) and Google Chat by the end of next week

Instructional Options

Below are some of the possible ways CLS teachers may conduct distance learning.  Your child’s teachers will contact you with their prefered methods.

  • Educate – teacher’s will be posting assignments and grades
  • Google Classroom 
  • Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms)
  • Google Meet 
    • Teachers will be hosting classes and check-in with students
    • Teachers will schedule a Meet on their calendars and share to the student’s calendar
  • Books on Learning Ally
  • Brain Pop Videos
  • Kahn Academy Classroom

Contact Methods

Below are ways your child’s teacher may make contact.  If they are going to explore other methods the teacher will share those with you.

  • Group emails 
    • Students and or parents would need to reply
  • Google Meet
    • See instructional options for more details
  • Conference call
    • Set up a prearranged time.
  • Google Chat
    • This works like texting but will only work within the Centreville Layton School Community.
  • Individual phone calls
    • Set up a prearranged time through google meet.  There is a call-in option.
  • Pre-recorded messages

Technology to Access/Have on Hand

  • Chromebook
  • Personal Laptop/Desktop with a camera and microphone (If you prefer this method.)
  • Be sure to check Google Mail, TADS Educate, and Google Calendar
  • Optional but helpful items
    • External mouse
    • Headphones with built in microphone

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The difference is clear

Our son learned the valuable skills of teamwork, patience and perseverance during his time at Centreville Layton as well as the academic strategies to move forward into a typical high school setting. Centreville Layton strikes a great balance of family-like warmth and discipline in a beautiful country setting.

Jan B.
Former Parent

This past year has been completely transformational for our daughter and her positive strides have been noticeable both at home and at school. She is growing into the best version of herself and her teachers at CLS have played a significant role in her progress.

Michelle L.
Middle School parent

This year, I’ve learned to understand that acceptance is greatly appreciated but difficult to find. Compared to where I came from, CLS houses some of the most accepting people that I’ve ever met. I am thankful for every little act of kindness shown towards me or even towards another student. They have not gone unnoticed.


We’re prepared for this because we’ve learned how to work hard, solve problems, be independent, happy, responsible and kind to all.


The support from my teachers taught me not just reading and writing, but to embrace who I am, to learn from my mistakes and grow because of them.